John and Jason Waltrip
     Life long residents of Williamsburg, Virginia, identical twin brothers John and Jason Waltrip were born in 1963 and showed an early artistic aptitude.  Earning Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from Viginia Commonwealth University in 1985, they immediately delved into the world of art producing portraits at a local amusement park and illustrations for various role-playing game magazines, but soon entered the comic book industry with Robotech II: The Sentinels from Eternity Comics and later Academy Comics.  Lasting 75 issues over eight years, it became Robotech's longest running comic book series, and perhaps the brothers most well known work.

After Sentinels
     After Sentinels, the pair went on to contribute to many other comic projects such as Tsunami Girl, BoHos, and Lilli for Image Comics, mini-comics for BanDai's DinoZaurs and Cyclonians toy lines, IDIOTZ for Tokyopop, webcomics Faans!, Rip & Teri, Penny & Aggie, and QuiltBag, and returned to Robotech with Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles for DC/WildStorm.  They continue to seek out comic opportunities whenever and wherever they can.  The two reside in their longtime hometown of Toano.

    Presently, Jason works on the webcomic Dangerously Chloe, and John is the regular illustrator of the webcomic Guilded Age.  Check them out at, and

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