Xenocosm is a science-fiction short story I wrote and illustrated in 2003 that was going to be published in Prophecy Magazine, but unfortunately never saw print. I've added to it since then, and have been able to finish at least one complete story(with just a few loose ends, sorry.)  It's about a group of humans and aliens living and working on a far away  planet of the distant future in a strange universe, and their adventures exploring that universe, and solving all kinds of sci-fi mysteries together.  It was designed to be a continuing series featuring bizarre creatures, cute robots, ancient artifacts, fantastic machines and lots of other weird things I like about science fiction, but...    perhaps...  some day...  I'll continue it.  Until then, enjoy this singular curiosity I call  Xenocosm: The ChronoScope Connection.

-John Waltrip 

Click on the images below to view the Xenocosm comic strips.  Enjoy! 

The ChronoScope Connection  Part 1

When Zo'an scientist Zev Xandros comes to live and work on the planet Amarak, he finds a curious artifact in an old pawn shop along with two charming girls, one of whom is another Zo'an, but what he discovers next is even curiouser.

The ChronoScope Connection  Part 2

Things get strange for everyone when it looks like the ChronoScope is stolen and the polices' number one suspect is the ChronoScope's own inventor; and even stranger for Avi on her first date with Zev.  Suspicions and other feelings are aroused  as a minor mystery turns into a major investigation, but just who has stolen what in...

The ChronoScope Conspiracy!

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