After working on Tsunami Girl and a few other minor projects, we managed to get the attention of some of the people over at TokyoPop,  and had some moderate success inking one of their Sokura Refugees books. 

In fact, they liked our work so much they let us pencil and ink a whole other book called Idiotz written by Gary Greenfield and published in 2006.  It was to be the first in a series of volumes chronicling the humorous adventures of a small group of social miss-fits turned unlikely heroes.  The first volume was titled The Monster Moles and featured... well... monster moles, among other things.

Unfortunately, the book was not very well received by the manga reading public, and the series was cancelled.  Perhaps it was too strange a mixture of Japanese and American styles,  even though we followed the script they sent us, and all character designs and all pages were approved by TokyoPop through every step of the production.

The failure of the book pretty much ended our association with TokyoPop, and we've not heard from them since.

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