Lili is what we call in the comic book industry "a one shot".  One issue, one story, one book, that's it, no more.  No sequels, no prequels, no series, no multiple issues.  Just one.   Just... one... issue.  This particular issue was the brainchild of FlyPaper Press Publisher Michael Yanover, Editor Mark Paniccia, and writer Brian Michael Bendis.  The story concerned the return of Lilith, the fabled First Wife of Adam, and her unleashing of a plague on mankind as revenge for her banishment, and two young doctors and an old priest who work together to help vanquish her.  It was originally planned to be a three-issue mini-series, but for some reason (perhaps cost) it was condensed into one issue.  The comic was published under the Image imprint in 1999. 

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