This section of the site is for various miscellaneous things that don't fit into any other category. 

This picture is a detail from a panel of a comic I've done on ComicFury.  It's a Star Trek comic called Enterprise-G that continues the adventures of the star ship called Enterprise drawn in the style of the old Star Trek cartoon  produced be Filmation Studios.

This is a diagram of a environment suit for an alien called a Medusan.  The Medusans are a formless race of beings who are so hideous they induce madness in all humans who see them.  They were first  introduced in the Original Series episode "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" written by Jean Lissette Aroeste.  The episode concerned a Star Fleet project to adapt equipment for Medusans to use on board star ships as navigators, but proved to be extremely dangerous when one of the engineers caught a glimpse of the Medusan and went insane.  My idea is that Star Fleet didn't give up on the project, and finally developed a workable environment suit.

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