DinoZaurs were a line of toys produced by BanDai in 1998.  The toys were transforming dinosaur warriors that could be changed from dinosaur mode to warrior mode and back again.  There were two series of DinoZaurs toys, and nine different designs in each series, making eighteen individually unique toy figures in all. 


Inside each toy package was a mini-comic showing the origin of the DinoZaurs and their battle to save earth's precious life-force energy from the evil DragoZaurs .  The mini-comic was written and edited by Mark Panicca and colored by Rick Gasgo. 

Click on the thumb-nails below to view pages from the DinoZaurs mini-comic.  It's only six pages!  And the seventh page is just the back cover .  There's no artwork on it, but we thought you might  like to see some of the actual toys. 

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